[DOC] Tuyển Tập 1800 Câu Trắc Nghiệm Từ Vựng - Trang Anh File Word

[DOC] Tuyển Tập 1800 Câu Trắc Nghiệm Từ Vựng - Trang Anh File Word

[DOC] Tuyển Tập 1800 Câu Trắc Nghiệm Từ Vựng - Trang Anh File Word

Mua sách gốc tại các trang thương mại uy tín                        

Question 1: Japanese scholars have been         for ages about why these tall, slender buildings are so stable.

A. mystified        B. mystification        C. mystifying        D. mystic

Question 2: With its special shock absorbers to         the effect of sudden sideways movements from an earthquake, the thirty-six-storey Kasumigaseki building in central Tokyo-Japan's first skyscraper- was considered a masterpiece of modern engineering when it was built in 1968.

A. increase        B. dry out        C. dampen        D. augment

Question 3: More surprising is the fact that the individual stores of a Japanese pagoda, unlike their counterparts elsewhere, are not actually connected to each other. They are simply         one on top of another like a pile of hats.

A. tied        B. placed        C. glued        D. stacked

Question 4: The cost of food has now reached a point where a growing number of people believe that it is far too high and that bringing it         will be one of the great challenges of the twenty-first century.

A. up        B. down        C. forth        D. back

Question 5: They added up the costs of repairing the damage it caused and came         with a total figure of £2,343m.

A. on        B. up        C. by        D. to

Question 6: But the costs to society can actually be quantified and, when added up, can amount to


A. staggering        B. staggered        C. stagger        D. staggeringly

Question 7: We are paying for our supposedly cheaper food in three separate ways: once over the counter, secondly through our taxes, which provide the  enormous subsidies         modern intensive farming, and thirdly to clean up the mess that modern farming leaves behind.

A. propping up        B. holding on        C. putting away        D. putting off

Question 8: In Britain, the immediate need to supply food is less urgent, and the costs and the damage of

         farming have been clearly seen, it may be more feasible.

A. new        B. serious        C. intensive        D. massive

Question 9: There are reports of igloos losing their insulating properties as the snow drips and refreezes, of lakes         into the sea as permafrost melts, and sea ice breaking up earlier than usual, carrying seals beyond the reach of hunters.

A. running        B, pouring        C. moving        D. draining

Question 10: Nobody knows the Arctic as well as the locals, which is why they are not content simply to

         and let outside experts tell them what's happening.

A. stand out        B. stand to        C. stand up        D. stand back 

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