[PDF] Khoá Luyện Giải Đề 2024 Tiếng Anh Trang Anh - Phần 1

[PDF] Khoá Luyện Giải Đề 2024 Tiếng Anh Trang Anh - Phần 1

Mua sách gốc tại các trang thương mại uy tín                        

 Ngữ pháp:

Despite feeling tired, she decided to go to the gym.

If I had known about the traffic, I would have left earlier.

Từ vựng:

The novel is full of intricate characters and vivid descriptions.

Scientists are making breakthroughs in renewable energy research.

Kỹ năng đọc:

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

Summarize the main idea of the paragraph in your own words.

Kỹ năng viết:

Write an essay discussing the advantages and disadvantages of technology in education.

Describe a memorable experience from your life and explain how it has shaped you.

Kỹ năng nghe:

Listen to the audio clip and answer the questions based on what you hear.

Thực hành viết:

Write a formal letter to the principal requesting permission for a school event.

Compose an email expressing your opinions on an environmental issue.


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